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The Week Ahead at Timaru Golf Club
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Wednesday Stableford
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Dear Guest, Sunday, 28 July, 2019

The Week Ahead at Timaru Golf Club

The Week Ahead


Wednesday 31 July - Stableford 12 noon. Results: George

Saturday 3 August – 12 noon start Cards in by 11.45am

Yee Cup 2 Ball medal Team of 4

Starters: Bill Baillie & Owen Berrill Results: Dave


Timaru women's Golf info.
27th& 30th July. Templer Cup Final playing the 6th Par.
Qualifiers are: L Beattie, S Brown, A Gerken, M Hogan, M Burnside,
P Duffy, J Yee, N Strachan, W Smith, R Carruthers
K Williams, K Cady, M Jones, K McCreanor, C Rodden.
Due to weather last weekend, weekend players can play the 10th LGU 5th Grant Cup & Putting on the Sat 10th August, with the Marj Morton Final which is a medal round.
Weekend pennants that were cancelled on Sunday now to be played on 18th August.
Cleaning Roster week 29th July: Rosie Caruthers & Wendy Smith.

Tournaments. Monday.29th July Pleasant Point Teams.
Friday 9th August. Temuka Teams Team of 3. 2 scores to count each hole.
Monday 12th August Tinwald Teams a team of 3.all scores count.
An email has been sent asking if any members would be interested in playing Mixed Pennants
Please advise me and I will forward your names to Mens club captain.
Congratulations to Kathy Williams on winning the Singles Knockout defeating Janet Rae 2up.
Remember Willie Moore our new pro is available for lessons so make a booking at the PROSHOP
Good golfing, Susan 

Tuesday 30 July – 5th Grant Cup, 5th Stableford

Saturday 3 August – Sal Hyndman Tray & Bisque Par. Team of 4. 2 Ball Best Ball. 2 scores to count. Tee off 11.30am. $5 paid at the Ladies Office

Club Raffle
$100 Raffle
Our Club $100 fundraising raffle is now available for purchase.
There are $5000 worth of prizes and with only 100 tickets your odds of a win are very good!
There are 9 weekly draws where the 1st prize is $100  and there are 10 prizes of $20
Then in the final week the first prize is $1000, 2nd prize $500, 3rd prize $200, 5 prizes of $100 and 2 prizes of $50 
Tickets are available from Miriam Burnside, Kathy Williams, Harvey King, Fred Ng, Graeme Brown, Susan Brown, Dave Stewart, Sharon Smith or Ian Poulter 
Show your support for our Club and purchase soon.

Moore Golf
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Come in to our pro Shop and view the new stock that has arrived this week 
  • IZOD men's golf shirts and pants
  • Tour Edge stand and cart bags
Coaching & Club-fitting times are available with Willie Moore on Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd August, please call the Pro-Shop on 688 2012 for bookings
Willie will be on site on Thursday 1pm-5pm and on Friday from 9am - 1pm

Golf Humour
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Golf Quote of the week

I admire a lot of people, but in terms of sport I've always loved the mentality of Tiger Woods on a golf course. I always love his eyes when he's setting himself and focusing on his decision; he has a really strong, focused face and believes that he can make the shot.

Rafael Nadal

Wednesday Stableford

Wednesday 24th July Men’s Stableford Results

Tim Underdown 43, Russell Crossan 42, Steve Doyle 40, Brent Williams 40, Eddie Megaw 39, Harvey King 38, Richard Cole 38, Owen Berrill 37, Noel Beatson 37,
Richard Lawson 37, Paul Duffield 37, Allan Booth 36, Richard Walton 36, Dave Schrader 36, Merv Corfield 35, Neil McKinnon 35, Murray Williamson 35, Fred Ng 35, Daniel Sparks 34, Ferg Hazlett 34, David Loomes 34, Alistair Mackay 33, John McFarlane 33, Tim Hayman 33, Peter Rodden 33, Stuart Chapman 33, Paul West 32,
Jim Annett 32, Ross McDonald 32, Leath Sadler 32, Neville Petersen 31, John McGlashan 31, Michael Mayman 31, Barrie Walsh 30, George Emond 30, Pat Collins 30,
Ron Hobbs 29, Pat Duffy 28, Blue May 27, Eddie Duffy 26.
Twos: Harvey King, Alistair Mackay
NTP: Harvey King
Longest Putt: Eddie Megaw

Women's Results
Womens 9 Hole Results 25.07.19
3rd PAR
Div 1: L King 52.16.36 (0), M Brown 54.14.40 (d2), V McKenzie 60.19.41 (d3).
Div 2: D Rapley 60.22.38 (d1), C Walton 61.22.39 (d2), V Parker 68.25.43 (d3)
Longest Putt: L King

Saturday Results

Saturday 27th July 2019 Mens Par Round Results


Tim Leonard 5, Adam Fincher 5, Peter Shaw 3, Dave Schrader 3, Chris Diederiks 3, Pat Collins 3, Daniel Sparks 2, Robert Washington 2, Tony Moir 2, Steve Doyle 2, Dave Switalla, Reigardt Du Plessis, Harvey King 0, Kevin Leary 0, Don Deeks 0, Chris Dawson -1, John Norton -1, David McEwin -1, Richard Walton -1, Damian Rodgers -1, David Hall -1, Robert Hepburn -2, Bryce Ranger -2, Stuart Chapman -3, Neels Erasmus -3, Graham Cadigan -3, Neville Petersen -3, Jordan Green -3, Brian Leonard -3, Les Jones -3, Scott MacPherson -4, Sid Keen -4, Lynda Brown -6.

Junior A & B

John McGlashan 6, Jim Wilson 4, Merv Corfield 3, William Baillie 2, Peter Rae 2, Andy Lincoln 1, Fred Ng 1, Chris Corry 1, Noel Beatson 1, Jeff Grigor 1, Don McLean 0, Tim Underdown 0, Alistair Mackay 0, Peter Rodden 0, Peter Cosgrove -1, Jim Annett -2, Owen Berrill -2, Leath Sadler -3, Jeremy Parry -3, John McFarlane -3, Mike Hogan -4, Ian Poulter -5, Tim Hayman -7, David Loomes -7.


Tim Leonard (2), John Norton, Jeremy Parry, Peter Cosgrove, Damian Rodgers, Graham Cadigan

Nearest the Pin: 
Senior/Intermediate - Tim Leonard
Juniors A&B - John McGlashan
Moore Golf - Tim Leonard 

Aorangi Golf

Aorangi Golf

Monday 29 July – Pleasant Point Teams Tournament (Women)

Thursday 1 August – Mayfield Mixed American Foursomes

Thursday 8 August – Temuka Teams Stableford (Women)

Monday 12 August – Tinwald Teams (Women)

Friday 23 August – Rakaia Women’s Canadian Foursome

Thursday 29 August – Timaru Women’s Irish Stableford

Monday 2 September – NZ Secondary Schools Championships (Cromwell)

Wednesday 4 – Friday 6 September – NZ Under 19 Men’s & Women’s Champs (Cromwell)

Saturday 7-Sunday 8 September – Timaru Golf Spring Tournament (Levels)

Interesting Golf Facts

Some interesting Golf Facts

Golf is a centuries-old sport that’s enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world.

Golf Balls Were Originally Made of Wood. Some of the first golf balls were made entirely of hardwood, such as beech and box trees. These balls appeared during the 14th century and remained in use until the 17thcentury. Of course, a typical wooden golf ball would only last for a few games before it needed to be replaced.

Other Golf Balls Were Made of Feathers. An alternative type of golf ball, known as a feathery, also appeared around the era of the wooden ball. A feathery was basically a leather pouch filled with chicken or goose feathers (hence the name). Due to the extensive labour and materials required, a single feathery ball would often cost the modern-day equivalent of $10-$20 bucks.

Golf Was Played on The Moon. Golf is one of the two only sports to be played on the moon. On February 6, 1967 Alan Bartlett “Al” Shepard, Jr. performed a one-handed swing with a six-iron, sending the ball flying through the moon’s low-gravity atmosphere. And in case you were wondering, javelin is the other sport that was reportedly played on the moon.

Origins of New Zealand golf

New Zealand’s first recorded game of golf was in Dunedin in 1871. The Otago Golf Club is the world’s fourth-oldest outside the United Kingdom. Another club was set up in Christchurch in 1873. Two more clubs were set up in 1892, and the New Zealand Amateur Championship began in 1893. In 1899 the Golf Council was set up to represent clubs and players nationally.

The 20th century

The first Open Championship, for both professional and amateur golfers, was held in 1907. It was won by A. D. S. Duncan, New Zealand’s most prominent golfer of the era. Before the Second World War golf was mainly a game for the wealthy, and players dressed smartly on the course. In the 1960s there was a worldwide golfing boom, and player numbers rose rapidly.


Women played golf from its early days. A women’s golf club was set up in Otago in 1892, and the first Ladies Amateur Championship was held in 1893. By 1930 almost as many women as men played golf.

Golf courses

The Manawatu Golf Course opened in 1895 and is New Zealand’s oldest. Napier Golf Club opened the following year

Timaru Golf Club
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