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President's Newsletter
A message from Harvey King
Special thought
Our Spring Tournament
Dear Guest, Sunday, 28 July, 2019

President's Newsletter
A message from Harvey King

Presidents Newsletter August 2019

The winter is almost over and we are looking forward to spring. I am not sure where the time has gone but it has been a very hectic and busy past few months at the club with a lot going on. We are getting great numbers on club days and having the club house full after golf certainly gives the club a great feel.

Moore Golf

It is wonderful to now have Willie Moore operating out of the pro shop and I hope all our members support the shop as much as they can. Willie is stocking a wide variety of goods and having specific Timaru Golf Club branded products is a nice touch. Make sure you call in and say hi to Jonny and Mark and check out the shop. Willie will be up this Thursday and Friday for lessons so book in at the shop.


Those playing recently would have noticed a lot of holes on the course. The club has purchased a new machine called a Ventrac which is a multipurpose machine that we can buy different attachments to fit to the front of it. We have purchased two attachments, an Aera – Vator which is what has been making the holes. The Aera – Vator is designed to punch holes while vibrating the soil, this will over time help break up the hard areas and allow moisture into the soil. This with over sowing should improve grass cover. The second attachment is a rough mower our old Laztec rough mower is reaching the end of its life and becoming unreliable. I would like to thank a number of club members for their assistance in purchasing this new machine.

We have delayed the purchase of a new greens mower till next year as there is a new model coming out, and have arranged a loan mower from Drummond and Etheridge to help during the Freyberg.

With the Freyberg not far away we will be starting to look at the set-up of the course and shaping of the rough and fairways. We also want to manage the practice area in a more constructed manner which will mean those wanting to use the practice area will have to use designated hitting areas.

General course maintenance will be stepping up now the grass is starting to grow.


The clubs financial position is sound with some money in the bank. We recently had our finances independently reviewed before we purchased the Ventrac to make sure the club was not putting ourselves in a vulnerable position. We were given a pass.

One of our main Strategic goals this year was to replace the current workshop and machinery shed. I invite all members to call over and have a look at what we have and you will see why we need to address this issue. We have had a few quotes in and it looks like we are going to need a figure of $200k to pull down and replace the shed. This is going to involve a total club fundraising effort and I will be talking with some of you to help lead this project.

A small start is our latest 100 club raffle. Tickets are now available from committee members.


As I mentioned earlier we are getting some fantastic fields on club days let’s keep it up. We had a wonderful day for the opening of the Pro Shop and to welcome all our new members with over 90 players.

With the large fields it is also important to watch slow play, the most frustrating issue in golf. Please make sure you keep up with the group in front of you and not get anymore than a fairway behind.


Congratulations to our Ladies Veterans team on winning their division, great effort girls. Our men’s teams’ pennants are having mixed results so keep at it and finish well.

Club Championship matches are underway with full fields in each division, good luck to all players and keep up with your matches.

Spring Tournament 7th & 8th September

This is our major tournament of the year so please make an effort to enter. It would be great if each member could find a friend from another club to play with. This helps grow the field. All our 18 hole member categories Men and Women are eligible to play in this tournament, you just need an official handicap.

New Members

A warm welcome to our new members.

18 hole, Jonny MacKay, Mark Clark, Ben Gabites, Mark Gabites and Simon Cunnard

Associate, Sharon Patrick, Kevin Kerse and Jeff Paul

Introduction, Kay Johnston- May

Toro Interprovincial 2021

Recently we were invited to deliver a presentation to the board of Aorangi Golf as to why the Timaru Golf Club should host the Toro in 2021. Unfortunately our presentation and our course was not considered good enough for the board and they have awarded the tournament to the Ashburton Golf Club.

Club Governance

With the year rolling around I would like some of you to think about getting involved with helping with the governance of the club. We need people who have a vision and drive to make this club the best. If you have some good ideas and a bit of time please come forward.

Good golfing everyone look forward to seeing you on the course


Special thought
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I thought this was a good one after my hiding yesterday.

Harvey King

Our Spring Tournament
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Timaru Golf Club
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