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The Week Ahead at Timaru Golf Club
Womens Golf News
Results from the past week
Aorangi Golf
Coring of the greens
House & Garden Fundraiser
Dear Guest, Sunday, 15 March, 2020

The Week Ahead at Timaru Golf Club

Monday 16 March

Play 6 Get a Fix 5.15pm Women and men welcomed.

Tuesday 17 March

18 hole Ladies. Ambrose

Thursday 19 March

9 hole women.

Twilight Golf. 5pm tee off. Bar and meals available after play

Come and enjoy a great Ambrose format, great food, bar open, and the wonderful Kath and Russell Show complete with raffles and generous prizes. A night not to be missed!

Friday 20 March

9 hole men 9.30am tee off

Saturday 21 March

18 hole Ladies 11.30am tee off. Par

Men Stableford (Hidden Pairs)

Cards in by 11.45. Tee off 12noon or 8am-9am

Starter: Craig Results: Stu Chapman

Womens Golf News
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The winning team from Mt Nessing (Photo above)
Raelene Bleeker, Pat Duffy, Carol Rodden, Lynette (Mt Nessing) 

News from Cath Preen - Club Captain
Pennant teams have been very active and had a successful week. Well done to all of you.

Vets a loss to Waitoa Park. Carol posted a win and Miriam a half ( 81/2-31/2 )

Silver a draw against Ashburton. The top order of Lynda and Susan had wins.

Weekend Pennants - Team of Rosie, Wendy, Kathy and Miriam had a fantastic win 12-0 against Tinwald/Mayfield.

Team of Cath, Lois, Kerrie and Janet had a win against North Otago with Cath, Lois and Kerrie posting wins. (9-3)

Mt Nessing Trip

A fabulous day with brilliant hospitality from the members of Mt Nessing. Sharon won the Bingo, Bango, Bongo -11 points.

The Rocky Gully Ramblers - Pat, Lynette ( Mt Nessing ), Raelene Bleeker ( a sixer ) and Carol won on 48 Stablefords.

Second 42 Stablefords. Jane ( Mt Nessing ), Trish, May and Lady Grace.

Top Rat of the Day - Dot Rapley. She was such a good rat.

Morning tea apparently yum, ha ha I was a bit late so I missed out, I wonder why? and lunch at the pub very successful with many taking extra home. Thanks to everyone it was a happy day and to Catherine for doing most of the organising. Photos up on FB.

Sadies - Kath with a "K" and Cath.

Coring started today and is continuing on Monday so we will play a fun team game on Tuesday, an Ambrose so this will definitely suit any 6/9 holers who want to join us. Weekenders will play Par 3 round.

House and Garden walk

Tickets are going steadily but please keep asking people as it is in the last two weeks that people buy and decide to go. Carry them with you wherever you go you never know who may want one. I'm still looking for 4 people to help on the Saturday. Keep selling it is our major fundraiser. I will put out the roster for what houses etc everyone is on next week. ( men included ). Please bring any ticket money collected to golf on your golf day please.

Produce drop off is to be at Rosies place, 14 Lysaght Street. Walk past the mailbox to the right side entrance. Leave goods in clear container at side door. Rosie will clear this each day.

Plants drop off to Jill's 3/33 Maltby Avenue on Saturday 28 March.

Good golfing

Cheers Cath

9 Holers news from Sharon 
This weeks competition is 2nd Putting
Association 9 Hole Tournament - Geraldine 20 March. Entries by Tuesday 17th please Contact Sharon if interested.
Cheers Sharon

Results from the past week
Ladies Stableford
Div 1: Lynda Brown 37, Susan Brown 34, Kelly Karton 33, Lois Beattie 31, Cathie Preen 28
Div 2: Rosie Carruthers, Kerrie Cady 35, Margaret 32, Miriam Burnside 31, Pat Duffy 31, Carol Rodden 29, Janet Yee 28, Lynne Stark 28.
Wednesday Stableford 11th March 2020
Kevin Leary 40, Don Deeks 40, Barrie Walsh 38, Roger Cartwright 38, Ian Blakemore 37, Jeremy Small 36, Fred Ng 36, David Henshaw 36, Daniel Bennett 36, Peter Grant 35, Richard Walton 35, Daniel Sparks 35, Alistair Mackay 34, Ferg Hazlett 34, Neville Petersen 34, Ron Hobbs 34, George Emond 34, John McGlashan 33, Regan Finch 33, Brian Leonard 32, Harvey King 32, Jeff Grigor 32, Rex Duncan 31, Paul Duffield 31, Murray Kerse 31, Ron Yee 31, David Loomes 31, Merv Corfield 30, Mark Hervey 30, Owen Berrill 30, Peter Rae 29, P Rodden 29, Russell Crossan 28, G Giles 27, Sid Keen 27, Neville Newburn 23, Janet Rae 21, Jim Annett 18.
Twos: Brian Leonard, Neville Petersen
NTP: Sid Keen
Longest Putt: Rex Duncan
Saturday Medal - 14th March 2020
David Loomes 68, Les Jones 69, Craig Miller 69, David McEwing 70, Chris Dawson 70, Kevin Leary 71, Allan Booth 72, Barrie Walsh 72, Tony Moir 72, Steve Doyle 73, Pat Collins 73, Sid Keen 73, Owen Berrill 73, Brian Leonard 73, Neville Petersen 73, Don Deeks 74, Dave Schrader 75, Daniel Sparks 76, Mark Hervey 77, Richard Walton 77, Brent Williams 77, Kim Stephenson 78, Mark Goodhew 79, Stuart Chapman 79, Rex Duncan 85.
Jeremy Small 69, Merv Corfield 69, Blue May 72, Neil McKinnon 72, Fred Ng 72, Gerald Morton 72, Ron Yee 73, Eddie Duffy 73, Tim Underdown 73, Don McLean 73, Lindsay Hewitson 73, John McGlashan 73, Raymond Miller 74, Eddie Megaw 75, Ross McDonald 75, Jim Wilson 75, Dexter Allan 76, Jeff Grigor 76, Ron Hobbs 76, Tony Preen 77, Peter Rae 77, Alistair Mackay 79, Tim Hayman 81, Peter Rodden 83, Rob Emerson 84.
Speights Shootout Qualifier:
Winner: David McEwing
Twos: Barrie Walsh, Tony Moir, John McGlashan, Jeremy Small
Moore Golf NTP: Tony Moir
Junior 3rd shot 17: Lindsay Hewitson
Senior 2nd shot 16: Sid Keen

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Aorangi Golf

March 2020

Monday 16 Women’s Open Pennants. Venue TBA

Wednesday 18 -Thursday 19 North Otago Triples Tournament. Women

Friday 20 Association 9 Hole Tournament Geraldine

Saturday 21 - Sunday 22 Fairlie 500. Men

Sunday 22 Rakaia 27 hole. Mixed

Monday 23 Penney Salver Pennants Reserve. Men

Tuesday 24 – Thursday 26 NZ Autumn Foursomes. Gleniti. Women

Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 Tinwald 3500 Tournament. Mixed

Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 Lower Waitaki Whitestone Classic. Mixed

Monday 30 Women’s Silver & Vets Pennants. Venue TBA


Wednesday 1 Kurow Open (Women)

Thursday 2 Rakaia Women’s Open

Thursday 2 Mayfield Mixed American Foursomes

Friday 3 Waimate 9 hole (Women)

Friday 3 Sunday 5 NZ Women’s Masters - Clarks Beach Auckland

Saturday 4 – Sunday 5 Fairlie Glencairn Women’s Tournament

Sunday 5 – Mens Pennants – Venue TBA

Monday 6 Waitoa Park 4BBB Tournament – Women

Monday 6 Women’s Open Pennants Venue TBA

Monday 6 Penney Salver Pennants – Men Venue TBA

Sat 11 (Easter) Omarama Stableford Tournament

Thursday 16 Halberg Men’s Tournament – Geraldine

Friday 17 Tinwald 9 Hole

Sunday 19 Weekend Pennants Women Venue TBA

Sunday 19 Men’s Pennants Reserve Venue TBA

Monday 20 Women’s Silver and Vets Pennants – Venue TBA

Wednesday 22-Friday 24 South Island Under 19’s. Otago Golf Club

Thursday 23 Methven Ladies Open

Friday 24 Temuka Women 9 Hole

Saturday 25 ANZAC Day

Thursday 30 Tokarahi Open - Women

Coring of the greens
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Sunday saw the greens cored from 10-18.
Monday will see the remaining 9 cored.
A huge thanks to the team that undertook this major work. 
Check out our Facebook page for photos showing the whole process 

House & Garden Fundraiser
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Timaru Golf Club
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