On Line Bookings

Hi All
As we announced on Saturday as aprt of the new guidelines from NZ Golf we will no longer be having multi tee starts on Wednesday and Saturdays for our normal competitions.
We have set up the on line facility for members to book their tee times. We will operating from 2 tees only 1 & 10 starting at 11.00am until 12.30 (or longer if needed) with time slots being 10min  apart.
Acess to the tee bookings is gained thru the club webste Tee booking are on the home page under quick links.
To able able to use this facility you much be registered which is very simple to do. You need your Timaru Golf club 7 digit number ie: 419 (club no) and you own 4 digit number then enter your own personal password.
Once you have registered, go into the tee booking site select the day and date for play and then enter the time slot and tee and then submit. You will recieve a conformation email.
Don't panic nothing is impossible to fix if you make a mistake and if all else fails you can contact the pro shop and they will allocate you a time slot.
We would prefere members to use this system as we dont wish to have large groups of people together wating for tee times. 
Lindsay Hewitson
For the Match Committee 
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