Special General Meeting
Final reminder that this is upon us:
Mon 11 April 2022, 7pm at the Club
Thank you to those who have already sent apologies, and we look forward to seeing you there



This week was a par round great score form Christine Turnbull results to follow Thanks Miriam for sorting Tuesday

Silver and Vets Pennant this Monday good luck ladies

Cleaners this week are Shirley Harris & Dot Rapley

Remember to put your names up for the Kerr Cup to be played on Friday 6 May

Anyone wanting a Club shirt or jersey please contact Raelene as she is doing another order

Remember 9:30 start all of April

Monday 11 April  7pm is our Special General meeting  all welcome

Good Golfing 





9 holers

Such a beautiful day on Thursday albeit a chilly one. There were 14 of us on a very busy day for the club

Congratulations also to Verna who got a 2.  Unfortunately our straightest drive on 9  was a bit of a fizzer.  We'll try something different next week

 May tournament

The first golf/wine prizes for the tournament have started coming in.  Keep it up.

Daylight saving - important message

N.B  we decided we wanted to start at 10am this coming week  on Thursday


14th                          10 – 18                      3rd TLGC Trophy/Honda Trophy & 3rd LGU

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday - remember 10.00am.  





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The Week Ahead
We're into Winter, and so a couple of slight changes:

9:30am Ladies 9 Hole
Ladies 18 Hole


18 Holes Stableford – All welcome


9:30am Ladies 9 Hole


Mens’ and Womens’ 9 Hole 9:30am.
Stableford/Par/Medal, teeing off on 1st or 10th Holes


9:30am Ladies 9 Hole
18 Holes Competition – All Welcome

Results - Top Tens & Ties

Sat 2 Apr - Thu 7 Apr

Ladies 9 Hole - Par Round 1

Div 1 (0.0 - 22.0)

1 S Smith
0 J Brown
-1 V Parker, N Brown
-4 D Rapley, V McKenzie
-5 L King

Div 2 (22.1 - 54.0)

3 A Scott
0 K Taylor
-2 S Reeves
-3 B Maglis, K Murphy
-4 C Walton
-5 S Harris, L Joines


6th Hole: Verna Parker

Tue 5 Apr

Ladies 18 Hole - Par

5 C Turnbull, G Bolderston, W Smith
1 C Rodden
-2 R Carruthers
-3 M Burnside, K McCreanor
-5 M Woodall
-6 M Hogan

Wed 6 Apr - Stableford

41 L Hewittson
40 J McGlashan
39 I Blakemore (Pleasant Point), B McCully, R Porter
38 M Hervey, K Kerse
37 M Flynn
36 F Hazlett, B Walsh, J Yellowlees, P Duffield, C Dawson, S Keen, R Hobbs, T Underdown


12th Hole: Ron Hobbs

Sat 9 Apr

Brenda Greenall/Jill Shore Bremford - LGU Net (Ladies 18 Hole)

Div 1 (0.0 - 18.4)

7.2 M Hogan

Div 2 (18.5 - 27.0)

8.2 J Rae

Div 3 (27.1 - 54.0)

-1.8 R Carruthers
1.2 W Smith
5.2 N Scott


7 G Corfield
3 P McCully
2 R Newbigging, R Carruthers, C Dawson, S Compton
1 T Hayman, C Miller, B Leonard, R Lawson (Geraldine District), P Hayes (Gleniti)


4th Hole: Riegardt Du Plessis
12th Hole: Neil McKinnon, Peter Hayes, Joe Yellowlees

Nearest the Pin

Junior (No 8) R Crossan
Senior (No 9): Peter Hayes

Night 'n Day Sponsored hole (No 15)

Senior: Steve Compton
Junior:Joe Yellowlees

...and finally

It has been an interesting week - this week I have had the pleasure of playing alongside Ronnie Hobbs not once, not twice, but three times - thus witnessing a variety of golf shots all playedin something of a blur.  It also led to the qupote of the year so far, when one of our playing partners, and Ronnie's partner in today's foursome/lunch event cried out as we walked across to the 13th tee, "Ronnie, do you have your balls?"

I have also had the pleasure of playing alongside our esteemed president, twice as well, yesterday and today, and I think it is fair to say that the experience was memorable.

Now, I am not suggesting that our leader is overly competitive....actually, that is exactly what I am suggesting, but I feel that the decisive evidence was presented at the 12th green, when following his haggle partners astonishing shot from just off the greeen finding the cup in two, I was facing a 30 footer downhill, left to right putt in order to halve the hole for the beer.  I sent theputt on it's way across the much improved greens (thanks to the greens team) and the ball tracked towards the hole with a feeling of inevitability right up until our President, in a fit of unsportsmanlike conduct, started shouting "No!" emphatically at it, in an attempt to keep the ball above ground.

Such was the authoritarian tone, that my golf ball, which never deigns to listen to the pathetic pleadings from it's owner, was shocked into obeyance, and clung to the edge of the hole in sheer fright.  Thus, Ronnie and I lost the hole and, indeed, we went on to lose the beer to the burglars, Yellowlees and Hervey, a mere three holes later.

Stupid game

The course is looking fantastic at the moment, and rtolling the greens has made a huge difference, so get out there when you can, and I look forward to seeing you

Stay safe and play well


PS - A special mention to Nevis Jr (aka Martin), who aced the 15th on Saturday, congratulations on a fantastic achievement, and we thank you for your contribution to the bar.  Particular thanks from Joe and myself as Martin did not enter the Nearest the Pin Competition to our benefit! Well done, and we look forward to seeing yo urepeat the shot the next time you are out there.

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