100 Club Raffle
Tickets @ $100 each are available from Kathy Williams, Miriam Burnside, Wayne Sidaway and some committee members.
This will be drawn over 10 weeks - when all 100 tickets are sold - with 11 prizes for the first 9 weeks, then increased prizes for the final 10th week,
109 prizes in all - that's 109 chances from 100 tickets.
Payment to Timaru Golf Club account or by cash.
We appreciate your support for this Fund Raiser.

The Week Ahead


10am Ladies 9 Hole
Ladies 18 Hole


18 Holes Stableford – All welcome


10am Ladies 9 Hole


Mens’ and Womens’ 9 Hole 9:30am.
Stableford/Par/Medal, teeing off on 1st or 10th Holes


10am Ladies 9 Hole
18 Holes Competition – All Welcome

Results - Top Tens & Ties
Results from last week
Sat 9 - Thu 14 Apr
Brenda Greenall/Jill Shore Bremford Salver/Grant Cup (Ladies 18 hole - R3)
Div 1 (0.0 - 18.4)
3.2 S Brown
7.2 M Hogan
Div 2 (18.5 - 27.0)
8.2 J Rae
Div 3 (27.1 - 50.0)
-1.8 R Carruthers
1.2 W Smith
5.2 N Scott
LGU (Ladies 18 Hole - R3 - Gross)
Div 1 (0.0 - 18.4)
92 S Brown
94 M Hogan
Div 2 (18.5 - 27.0)
109 J Rae
Div 3 (27.1 - 50.0)
101 R Carruthers
104 W Smith
116 N Scott

LGU R3 (Ladies 9 Hole - Net)

Div 1 (0.0 - 22.0)

39 J Brown, T Dovestone
40 N Brown
41 S Smith
42 G Cowan, V Parker
43 H King
44 L King

Div 2 (22.1 - 54.4)

36 A Pavletich
37 K Murphy
39 S Thompson
40 S McLeod, B Maglis
41 K Taylor
45 C Newman
46 A Scott, G Gregor, R Rennie

TLGC Trophy/Honda Trophy (Ladies 9 Hole - Gross)

Div 1 (0.0 - 22.0)

55 N Brown
62 G Cowan
63 L King, J Brown, T Dovestone
64 H King, S Smith
65 V Parker

Div 2 (22.1 - 54.4)

64 S Thompson
65 K Murphy, A Pavletich
68 K Taylor
69 B Maglis
73 A Scott
74 C Newman
75 G Gregor, R Rennie
84 L Joines

Wed 13 Apr


37 T Hayman
36 J McGlashan
35 A Booth, L Hewittson
34 M Ussher (Pleasant Point), M Hogan, B Walsh, F Ng
33 J Small, D Sparks, P Stringer (Temuka)


6th Hole: Ron Hobbs
12th Hole: Michael Ussher (Pleasant Point), Don McLean, G Morton

Sat 16 Apr

Easter Stableford

40 D Loomes
37 M Sewell, I Blakemore (Pleasant Point), H Rodgers
36 S Keen, P Rae, J Wilson
35 L Jones, B Walsh, J McGlashan


6th Hole: Damian Rodgers, Barbara O'Connell (Gleniti)
12th Hole: Les Jones, Craig Miller


Sat 16 - Thu 21 Apr

Joan Burtenshaw Trophy (Ladies 9 hole - Stableford)

Div 1 (0.0 - 23.0)
21 L King
19 N Brown
17 T Dovestone, S Smith, J Brown
13 V McKenzie

Div 2 (23.1 - 54.0)
18 S Reeves
11 J Gould
5 L Joines

Tue 19 Apr

Stableford (Ladies 18 hole)

35 C Preen, L Beattie
34 S Brown
31 K Williams
30 K McCreanor
29 C Rodden

Wed 20 Apr


42 P Duffield, P Rae, M Flynn
40 G Phillips (Ben Ohau)
39 Michael Ussher (Pleasant Point)
38 N Beatson, R Du Plessis, A MacKay, R Duncan, N McKinnon, G Emond


4th Hole; Riegardt Du Plessis, Don McLean
12th Hole: Rod Hayman

Sat 23 Apr

Medal (Net)

67 M Oosthuizen
68 J Weir, S Chapman
69 J Hardgrave, M Kelliher (Pleasant Point)
70 J Yellowlees, B Leonard, S Keen, M Goodhew, C Dawson, D Perham


4th hole: Chris Diederiks, Stuart Chapman
12th hole: Daniel Perham
15th hole: Chris Diederiks, George Emond, Barrie Walsh


...and finally
I have taken a wee bit of a hiatus from the game due to family and work committments, but also due to an ongoing issue with the ongoing, utterly frustrating up and down nature of this *#^*"<#* daft game we play and supposedly love.
To put his into context, my scores over the last few rounds have been 75, 76, 90, 82, 76, 86.  My opponent in our recent Club Champs round had seen this and wondered which version he was going to playing against, and sadly for me, he didn't have to wait long to find out.  A solid opening drive, followed by a solid 8-iron to the front centre of the green was followed by a 3 putt, lost hole and then a solid drive into the Tasman off the second tee (it was that far right). 
I have come to the conclusion that the worst feeling in golf is not losing, or having a bad round, it is not knowing what type of round you are about to have.  Not knowing if you can trust any part of your game to deliver any semblence of consistency.
This has led to decision to take a wee break, forced by the advent of a family trip, in the hope of some kind of reset - we will see.
In other news, I read an article recently about the health benefits of the game of golf, and various studies have been done and there are some stats out there, but they are all averages as there are so many variables in play such as players level of fitness, the weather conditions, any undulations on the course, the skill of the players involved (do they need to go outside of the boundary fence and dive intop the Tasman in search of their ball for example); etcetera.  Averages are really the only thing that works.
As a result, the figures they produced were that the average round of golf (walking) equates to about a 30 minute gym session - 9 holes of golf will cost you 721 calories (carrying your bag) or 718 calories if you are pushing a trolley.  For those interested, a pint of 5% beer is about 250 calories - this is not an excuse to get lathered, by the way.
The bit that upset me about this (I must be getting sensitive), is that I have been smugly carrying my golf bag for a few months now and there were a few reasons to do so - I liked the fact that I could walk straight to my ball wherever it was, even on the green, allowing me to repair the pitchmark immediately, and to pace out the putt that I would inevitably miss anyway. There is also the thought though, that it would help my fitness, in particular that it would be better than pushing a trolley as that was not as strenuous as carrying.
Strictly speaking, I am right, but only by 3 sodding calories - that's like a crumb of a muffin for heaven's sake.  Still, I am going to persist, and belive in the cumulative effect.  By the end of the year, I might have earned myself half a muffin at least
Stay safe, play well and stay sane
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