A Message from the Club Captain
All 1st round matches have been completed so the full 2nd Round draw is:
T. Cook v B. Leonard
R. Grant v C. Diederiks
J. Marett v D. Perham
D. Rodgers qualified to semi finals
D. Schrader v S. Doyle
P. Collins v K. Leary
A. Lincoln v H King
M. Oosthuizen qualified to semi final (by default)
Junior A
J. Norton v A. Booth
D. Sparks v M. Sewell
M. Goodhew v J. Gilbert 
J. Yellowlees v F. Ng
Junior B
D. McLean v R. Hobbs
J. McGlashan v R. Miller
G. Corfield v G. Emond
P. Rodden v M. Corfield
These matches need to be played by May 7th so if you can't do this get in touch with me.  We'll do everything we can to get matches played and avoid defauts.
Please remember to only select the blue tee option if you're in Senior grade and playing a match - all other players on a saturday choose the white tee option. 
So far everyone has parked clear of the blue tee on number 17 so thanks for continuing with that until finals day.  
Good luck to all those still in contention.


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