Hi all

This week start time is 10am for the winter months

Weekend pennnant team had a win at North Otago 1 May in very warm and dry ground conditions 8-4

Monday 2 vets and open pennnants will be playing good luck ladies

Cleaners this week are Lois King and Verna Parker

List up for 4BBB and foresome  please find a partner and pop your names up...we  will be sorting the draw for the championship games shortly finals will be 28 May combined with the Men

This week Kerr cup is being held at the Club on Friday 6 May  this competition has been going since 1937 only missed a few years due to the war and pandemic recently


Such a beautiful day Thursday with 15 players out results to follow

Our nine hole tournament is next week Thursday 12 May 


Message from Grace Cowan
I wish to thank the committee of the Golf Club for the Life Membership bestowed on me. It is an amazing honour from a Club that I have been privileged to belong to for 53 years. I have been involved in many important occasions with  the honour of being ladies President during the celebration of their hundred years of existence I also had the privilege of being Chairman of the South Canterbury Women's Association just before NZGolf was formed. The attendance at a dinner in Wellington was the final Fixture for NZ women’s golf. I am lucky to belong to the nine hole section of this club so can still enjoy my golf. Thank you again for the honour, the beautiful flowers and Life Membership Badge. Yours sincerely Grace Cowan.

Futures Golf Event
The Futures tournament series for term 2 of the school calendar is set and we will be heading to the following courses on these dates:

Event 1: Pleasant Point | 8th May | 9.00am - 11.00am
Event 2: Geraldine | 22nd May | 9.00am - 11.00am
Event 3: Temuka | 29th May | 9.00am - 11.00am

If you could please take the time to share this information through your junior co-ordinator, facebook pages, local emails and/or other relevant streams that would be hugely appreciated. All children looking to play will need to be signed up through the registry link here: https://bit.ly/3vckFXy

The Week Ahead


10am Ladies 9 Hole
Ladies 18 Hole


18 Holes Stableford – All welcome


10am Ladies 9 Hole



Mens’ and Womens’ 9 Hole TBC.
Stableford/Par/Medal, teeing off on 1st or 10th Holes


10am Ladies 9 Hole
18 Holes Competition – All Welcome

Results - Top Tens & Ties
Sat 23 Apr - Thu 28 Apr
R3 Putting (Ladies 9 Hole) - Gross
Div 1 (0.0 - 22.0)
48 N Brown
53 L King
59 J Brown
60 V Parker, G Cowan
61 S Smith
64 H King
66 T Dovestone
74 S Thompson
Div 2 (22.1 - 54.0)
62 S Reeves
63 S Harris
66 A Scott
67 G Gregor
69 A Pavletich
R1 Putting (Ladies 18 Hole) - Gross 
81 L Brown
88 B O'Connell (Gleniti)
91 M Hogan
104 R Carruthers, R Bleeker
108 C Rodden
109 W Smith
110 C Speirs
112 M Burnside
Wed 27 Apr
41 M Flynn
40 R Crossan
39 P Duffield, D Sparks
37 K Kerse, H King, M Corfield, M Hogan, P Collins
36 R Porter, N Jones, F Ng
4th Hole: Sid Keen, Brian Leonard
12th Hole: Mark Goodhew, Harvey King, Dave Switalla
15th Hole: Pat Collins
Sat 30 Apr
International Stableford (No, no-one knows how this works)
14 G Corfield
8 J Marett
7 T Moir
6 D Sparks, N Jones, D Perham, J Weir, G Phillips (Ben Ohau), M Sewell
5 B McCully, J Norton, R Walton
3rd Hole: Damien Rodgers
6th Hole: Tony Moir
12th Hole: Andy Lincoln, Murray Keen, Jeffrey Marett, Michael Oosthuizen
15th Hole: John Weir

...and finally
And we're back.
Apparently the brief hiatus was not too detrimental as I failed to disgrace myself too badly in the Pennants game where the Redpath team (short a player) managed to win their match against Waimate
For the first time in a number of years, the match was played at Highfield, and it was the first time I had played the new layout and my over-riding sense of the course was that if you do ever decide to play in a big competition there, remember to take a hard hat - the layout seems to positively promote the necessity of shouting "fore"  on practically every hole - something I am sure the locals are fed up with.
It was good to see a few club shirts out there, and while I may personally dislike the colour and cut of the actual shirts, I have always been a believer that regardless of personal preferences, the whole point of a team shirt is that you all wear one and present yourself as being part of that team, regardless of how ridiculous (or not) you may look.  I know that some of the team outfits I have worn are utterly ridiculous, but nothing beats participating with a group of your mates all looking equally daft (especially if you win).
There have been many studies about the cut and colour of shirts over the years, I seem to remember rugby going through a phase where the shirts were designed to make it harder for the wearer to be tackled, although I also remember that didn't go too well.  Of course, colours and markings have been used throughout both our history to identify which team/side we are on (albeit one would have hoped that we had moved on from the need to spot an enemy because we are trying to do them in anymore, sadly not though), and this speaks to our tribal nature, to being part of a group that thinks along similar lines and agrees with our values and principles.  We see it with political parties and the colours they wear; brands togging up their staff in order for them to feel like colleagues/team mates (whichever is the de-riguer word of the moment - I remember one particular set of dungarees in a virulent shade of lime-green from a Saturday job in my youth); and so it goes on
The point is that most of us play golf to be with our mates, meet new friends and have a bit of a giggle - lord knows we don't play it for the quality of our golf - the opportunity to show up in the same kit and stick it to the local rivals is just an additional benefit
Stay safe, stay sane, and play well
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