A great time was had by 19 teams on Friday for the Kerr Cup

Thanks to all members who helped with such a wonderfull event 

Mayfield won the 85th Year the tournament has been going (they also won it last year).

A big thanks to Morna who ran the tournament and her team Kotuku 3 won the top Timaru team

Draw is up for the club champs and finals are on Saturday 28 May with the Men 

Vets and Silver pennant is on Monday 9th May good luck ladies

Cleaners this week are Claire E and Chris D

have a good week


SIX's Golf

Sunday 22 May is an Ambrose day starting at 10:30 all welcome to come and play this is a fun format  

Cath P in charge of this so any queries to her

Club Dinner
The club dinner scheduled for late June has been postponed as it clashes with the Matariki long weekend. It will be re-scheduled for July or August, details to follow.

Results - Top Tens & Ties
Sat 30 Apr - Thu 5 May
Eclectic R1 - Ladies 9 Hole (Gross)
58 S Reeves
62 L King
63 H King, R Rennie, S Smith, S Thompson, C Walton
64 J Brown
65 V McKenzie
67 A Pavletich
Stableford/Nancey Latimer Trophy (Ladies 18 Hole)
42 M Burnside
40 M Jones
36 M Hogan, C Rodden
31 S Brown
30 A Gerken
28 C Turnbull, R Carruthers, K Johnston-May
Wed 4 May
43 R Hobbs, R Lawson (Geraldine District)
41 S Keen, C Dawson
40 B Walsh
39 I Blakemore (Pleasant Point)
38 P Grant, T Shaw (Wanaka)
37 P Duffield, R Porter, G Emond, T Hayman
12th Hole: Riegarrdt Du Plessis, Tony Shaw (Wanaka), Paul Duffield
14th Hole(!): Dave Switalla
15th Hole: Sid Keen


Fri 5 May

Kerr Cup (Ladies 18 Hole)

301 Mayfield Golf Club
303 Gleniti, Ashburton
305 Fairlie
307 Rakaia
308 Timaru (Kotuku 3)
312 Timaru (Kotuku 1)
315 Waimate
316 Mt Nessing
317 Kurow

Sat 6 May
Medal (Net)
66 J Wilson
67 D Allen, P McCully
69 A MacKay
71 P Bennett
72 S Doyle, T Shearer (Gleniti), D Sparks, S Compton
73 B Powdrell, R Hobbs, J Annett, B Walsh
6th Hole: Steve Compton
12th Hole: Steve Doyle
15th Hole: Jim WIlson

The Week Ahead


10am Ladies 9 Hole
Ladies 18 Hole


18 Holes Stableford – All welcome


10am Ladies 9 Hole


Mens’ and Womens’ 9 Hole 9:30am.
Stableford/Par/Medal, teeing off on 1st or 10th Holes


10am Ladies 9 Hole
18 Holes Competition – All Welcome

...and finally
Following on from the shirt discussion last week, I heard after writing the newsletter about the incident at Gleniti Golf Club last weekend where two people were stabbed with a golf club (now I will be clear and say that I do not condone violence in any way, and I hope that the 2 victims are well on the road to recovery).
However, it did leave a number of questions: firstly, who gets so irate on a golf course that they are willing to snap the end of a club off and start sticking it in, so to speak?  Was it as a result of a combination of too much caffeine/beer and too many missed short putts?  Was it too many excavations out of a bunker, leaving more sand without than within, and the ball on an ever deepening furrow at the bottom?  Was it one gag too many from the joker of the group?  Perhaps someone moved inappropriately during a backswing?  A shadow in just the wrong spot?  Another ball out-of-bounds/in the lake?
It turns out that it was a more mundane domestic disturbance centred in the rented flat on the golf course, that escalated, but there is an old PR adage that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story
Anyway, there was a link to shirts mentioned, and here it is: the story did make me wonder if Gleniti would be changing their club colours to red, in order to hide the bloodstains?  I might have a look and see if I can get a chainmail shirt for our next pennants match
In other news this week, I managed the remarkable feat of playing the 15th, 16th and 17th holes in one shot from tee to green - some of you will know that I have history with the 16th hole - a sort of love/hate relationship as it has got into my head a bit, so the idea of skipping it entirely has a certain attraction.  My playing companions, however, insisted that I had to close out the 15th hole, and so I found myself at the back of the 17th green chipping the ball back onto the 15th much to the amusement of the group coming up the hole (although why this necessitated Jimmy Wilson taking a pot shot at me with his chip is unclear).  Suffice to say that normal play was eventually resumed, and I even managed to play the 16th in a regulation par, which is practiacally unheard of.
Finally, kudos to Lydia Ko, who demonstrated with unerring accuracy, just how ignorant we men are when it comes to the bodily functions of women - I urge you to look it up if you missed it, but the reporter's speechless response is priceless.
Play well and stay sane, and watch out for errant golf balls if you spot me out there
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