Club Champs - Finals Day
Sat 28th May

Hi all, here is the timetable and info for this Saturday

Tee 1

8.45          Senior Men                     (T. Cook v D. Perham)
8.52          Senior Woman                (TBC)
8.59          Intermediate Men           (H. King v K. Leary)
9.06          Intermediate Woman      (TBC)
9.13          Junior A Men                  (J. Norton v M. Goodhew)

9.36 to 10.04     Saturday 9 hole players   (Tee 1 only)

Tee 10     

10.52 to 12.17       Saturday Competition

Tee 1

11.50 Approx    Senior Men
11.57                Senior Woman
12.04                Intermediate Men
12.11                Intermediate Woman
12.18               Junior A Men
12.25               Junior B Men          (R. Hobbs v M. Corfield)

After the Junior B men have left the 10th tee there will be two Ladies 9 hole matches playing holes 10-18.  

Prizegiving to follow in the clubhouse after the day's play.   

Good luck to everyone involved in matches and lets all enjoy one of the Premier days on our calendar.

TGC Match Committee



The Website for Aorangi

This is a work in progress. It has been quite frustrating for us all with two websites and neither giving us the information we want. It's been especially difficult because of the changes to the women's pennants this year, as it took some time before the changes appeared on the website. 

There are still no posters on the website or facebook page at this stage, so I've attached the tournament posters again for May and June. On a good note I have been able to post pennant results and standings on the website for the last three rounds. The old website has been removed and anyone visiting that site will automatically be redirected to the new one.  Aorangi - In partnership with Golf New Zealand.

Please make sure all your ladies know the Aorangi website address and encourage them to visit the site.

A quiet week for the ladies but great to see matches are all but ready for the finals this coming Saturday

Silver and Vets pennant on Monday 23 good luck to all playing 

The Silver division teamed up with Temuka and are at the top of the round robin play... final game is on Monday

9 hole women

Hi all

What a stunning day and 20 of us were there to enjoy it.  A big welcome to Chris Gould from the sixes who I hope had a great day.  

Longest putt on Hole 18  -  Heather King                                                   

Upcoming events

26 May   1-9  4th putting/3rd Sue Bunt   - no digital cards please

28 May   Club Championship day    Division One and Division Two 9 hole final will be played mid afternoon - check the draw in the newsletter

Come and support our finalists  (yet to be finalised)

2 Jun       free day as there was no competition on Saturday finals day.

Greenkeeper Role
Links to the Advert
The cllub is advertising for a full time, permanent greenkeeper to secure the furture of our club
Links to advert are below, please feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested

100 Club
Winners this week
1st - PC Rodden
2nd - A Booth
3rd - John Weir
4th - Graham Cadigan
5th - Colin Beattie
6th - Hogans
7th - Noel Beatson
8th - Graham Cadigan
9th - Chris Dawson
10th - Sharon Smith

Results - Top Tens & Ties.
Sat 14 - Thu 19 May
Joan Burtenshaw Trophy (ladies 9 Hole) - Stableford
Div 1 (0.0 - 23.0)
21 T Dovestone
18 N Brown
14 V Parker
13 S Smith
12 W Parkes
11 L King, N Strachan, J Brown
9 H King
Div 2 (23.1 - 54.0)
20 C Darvell
15 B Maglis
14 K Murphy, S Harris
13 A Paveltich
9 C Edginton
Tue 17 - Wed 18 May
Ladies (18 hole) - Stableford
34 J Rae
28 K Megaw
Wed 18 May - Stableford
41 H King
40 M Flynn, B Leonard
38 M Denton, S Compton
37 A Booth, E Megaw, J McFarlane
36 F Ng
35 R Slater (Geraldine District), G Emond, S Keen
4th Hole: Steve Compton
6th Hole: Sid Keen
12th Hole: Harvey King
15th Hole: Harvey King
Sat 21 May - Medal (Net)
64 A Booth
70 J Rae
71 C Dawson, N Jones
72 J McFarlane
73 D Switalla, M Oosthuizen, D Sullivan, R Crossan
74 G Baird (Temuka), D Allan, K Leary, R Grant
4th Hole: Russell Crossan, Robert Hepburn
6th Hole: Darren Sullivan, Ray "Greenie" Grant
12th Hole: Dave Switalla
15th Hole: David McEwing
Nearest the Pin
Senior (16th): D Perham
Junior (17th): A Booth
Park Night 'n Day Sponsored hole (15th):
Senior: D Rodgers
Junior: D Allan
Jackpot hole (9th): Les Jones, Janet Rae

...and finally

It is well known that a warm-up is an essential part of any exercise.

Failure to warm up can lead to injury, which can put you out of your chosen sport for extended periods of time.  Just like other sports, golf exacts pressure on a multitude of joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments etc that is sudden and violent

No matter how much we might tell ourselves to take it easy, our brains ignore the fact that we are starting from "cold" and our bodies go at the ball sitting there innocently on the first tee with all the "ooomph" it can generate 

A few quick stretches and hurried practice swings can alleviate the risk of injury, however, unlike other sports, a lack of warm-up for a round of golf can also lead to an additional hazard:

Extreme Embarrassment.

Having dashed from the car park to the first tee, our hero (yes, it was me), went through an abbreviated routine (I normally like to have at least 45 minutes on the range/putting green and chat time), and stood on the first teee, mentally picturing the flight of the ball soaring into the blue sky, hugging the left side of the fairway with a touch of fade.

Naturally, I had selected my driver as it is generally a safe club, and has the added feature of having the largest face of any club in the bag - I remember a time when this was not always the case, a time when drivers were the size of a 7-wood today - such a large club face is the golfing equivalent of hitting the ball with the side of a barn, and thus even if the shot is not as envisaged, it is very hard to miss the ball

I nearly did.

I told myself, swing easy.

I told myself, swing smooth

I tried to send the ball to the sodding moon

The resulting wild iiswing was more suited to a medieval battle axe han a golf club and I only just connected, sending the ball at a 45 degree angle about 15 yards from the t ee (towards the white signboard). 

Cue much hilarity from the group and several mentions about not reaching the ladies tee (I was well short)

In my defence, I did just miss the eventual par putt, and went on to play quite well, but whenever there was a bad tee shot (and there were a few, Don's loopy, lofted flop drive over the fence at 16 deserves a mention), it was noted that none were as bad as my opener.

I am thinking of having a plaque installed to mark the spot

So, top tip this week - warm up.  Unless you want to have a cast iron excuse for an opeening disaster.

Stay safe, stay warm


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